• All Good Things Do Not Require Money and Bigger is Not Necessarily Better
  • Nature Is Not Only Able to Heal Itself After A Storm of Wind, Rain, or Fire but All Living Things In and Around It
  • Silence and Patience is Powerful and Wise
  • Nature is Our Muse, It is an Endless Source of Inspiration…Beauty Exists Within

What do you want?

What do you want to be like?

“I AM so happy and grateful now that …”

  • When you are reading this, you’re nurturing your nature.
  • When you do the affirmative incantations, you’re nurturing your nature.
  • When you read, listen to Truth talks or books or podcasts or lectures, you’re nurturing your nature.
  • When you consistently work your spiritual practice, you are nurturing your nature.




The New Thought Guy

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Jay Willick

Jay Willick

The New Thought Guy

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